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Odour Treatment based on Industry Sector

Wastewater Sector Municipal Wastewater
Chem and Petrochem Sector Chemical and Petrochemical
Meat and Rendering Sector Meat Processing and Rendering
Food and Food Waste Sector Food and Food Waste Processing
Milk and Dairy Sector Milk and Dairy


Background on AOMC and Odour Control Theory

Background Information on AOMC Pty Ltd

AOMC capabilities statement (pdf)

Background Information on Gary Slenders - Principal Engineer

Gary Slenders Current Cv (pdf)

Technical Document # 1

Introduction to Mass Transfer AOMC 2017 (pdf)

Technical Document # 2

Heat Transfer Theory - Practical Design AOMC 2017 (pdf)

Technical Document # 3

Mass Transfer Theory - Practical Design AOMC 2017 (pdf)

Technical Document # 4

Biological Odour Control Theory AOMC 2017 (pdf)


Links to useful information sites

Air and Waste Management Assoication (USA)

Environmental Protection Agency (USA)


Environmental Protection Agency (Victoria, Australia)

EPA Victoria

Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand



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