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Odour Control Design, Installation Supervision, Project Management and Commissioning

AOMC Biogas Scrubbing Vessel

AOMC Pty Ltd is able to manage all aspects of Odour Control System implementation:

  • Design of complete odour control packages
  • Procurement, including development of specifications, schedules, purchase orders and contracts
  • Project Management including installation supervision and site contractor management.
  • Site commissioning and performance testing.

Site Audits and Investigations

Ti Tree Bend Bark Filter

AOMC Pty Ltd is able to perform on site analysis and report on the performance of existing odour control systems to determine compliance against benchmark parameters. A typical site audit would include:

Odour Control Media Replacement and Maintenance

Elenora BioFilter Replacement

AOMC Pty Ltd has the capabilities to manage BioFilter Media replacement and the changeover of Activated Carbon for all standard systems.

Most BioFilters when operating will have media that can only last for 2 – 3 years. Heavily loaded system will only last for 12 months.

BioFilter media can be manufactured to a recipe to meet the specific requirement for the application.

Septicity and Sewer network Ventilation Investigations

Longsection HBM into EDS with H2S Profile
Longsection HBM into EDS with H2S Profile

AOMC Pty Ltd has undertaken sewer network modelling for major water Authorities in Australia in order to predict the average and maximum rate of Hydrogen Sulphide generation within sewer networks.

The models produced are a guide that permits predictions as to the expected level of odour to be generated for a particular section of sewer. In turn this information is used to determine the capacity requirements for the odour control system and the best available technology required for treating the odour.

AOMC Pty Ltd also has access to database of multicomponent compounds to be found on sites for both Australia and Europeans Municipal Wastewater Treatment plants. Our experience has been that “rule of thumb” values have led to some major errors in design.

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