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Australia Odour Management Company

AOMC Pty Ltd is specialist group with expertise in the design, installation and commissioning of Odour Control Systems. Our field of speciality includes BioFilter and BioTrickling Filters with design capabilities for Activated Carbon Adsorption systems.

Our expertise extends to site assessments and determination of Odour Sources.This include characterisations of contaminants that the odour control system is required to treat.

The sectors that AOMC Pty Ltd operate in include:

Capabilities within AOMC

AOMC Pty Ltd has developed an integrated approach to Odour Management, right through from capture to treatment.

Services Provided by AOMC

AOMC Pty Ltd has the capabilities for design through to procurement and project management.

List of Previous Projects

AOMC Pty Ltd has operated since 2006 and the staff involved have over twenty years’ experience in the management of odour on sites in Australia and Internationally.

Further Information and Technical Literature

There is some Technical information available for those interested in theory and practice of odour control design.

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